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YUTO - do digital in a thoroughgoing manner


October 25-26, guided by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Printing and Distribution Secretary for guidance, sponsored by China Academy of Printing Technology, hosted by China Printing Technology Association Digital Printing Branch, KeyinMedia Digital Printing Business Unit, "2017 China Digital Printing Theme Park" was held in Chongqing. More than 300 people, including leaders of government departments, industry associations, publishing units and printing companies, representatives of printing equipment / equipment suppliers and software suppliers, gathered together around the three scenarios of publishing on demand, personalized packaging / labeling and innovative products application, in-depth discussed the development trend of digital printing.


Zeng Jing, Deputy Director of Yutong Institute YUTO Tech (stock code: 002831) Procurement Center, digital capacity-building leader of YUTO Institute, made a speech of "YUTO - do digital in a thoroughgoing manner" at the meeting and share the current YUTO institute's achievements and experiences in building digital capabilities, also showcased the advanced AR technologies that YUTO Tech has incorporated into the packaging products. It triggered the participants' reflections and discussions on new technologies and packaging.


Zeng Jing, Deputy Director of YUTO Tech Procurement Center, digital capacity-building leader of YUTO Institute, made a speech

According to Zeng Jing, "The next trend in the printing and packaging industry is undoubtedly digital." As a leading printing and packaging company in China, YUTO Tech also laid out early digital printing technology in the applications of packaging. Taken together, YUTO's digital capability path can be described as a three-step song:

The first step was to build on the solidity. YUTO acquired the first HP Indigo digital press in 2014, to enter digital printing from the stock market. The second step was to build soft power and create platform capabilities such as automated processes and digital asset management. The third step is to expand innovative applications and business, starting from last year, YUTI Institute focused on the development of high value-added services such as smart packaging, cross-media marketing.

In the view of YUTO Tech, the construction of digital capability is not only the purchase of advanced digital printing equipment, but also need to deepen the understanding of brands and consumers and need to build a digital business platform and workflow. Digital platform can not only support the traditional production business, but also to support digital production, and also can support cross-media communications, e-mall and other online business processes. As serves thousands of customers, dealing with tens of thousands of documents, YUTO Tech must have a powerful set of productivity tools, process platform tools and can develop steady in the digital direction.


At the meeting, Dr. Yu Zhaohui, vice president of YUTO Group and executive director of YUTO Institute, attended the meeting. During the meeting, he conducted in-depth discussion on industry-university integration research of digital printing with Ms. Chen Yan, the managing director of China Cultural Industry Development Corporation, chairman of Digital Printing Branch of China Printing Technology Association; Mr. Chu Tingliang, President of China Academy of Printing Technology; Ms. Chang Xiaoxia, General Manager of Beijing KeyinMedia Co., Ltd.; Ms. Wang Lijie, Deputy General Manager of Beijing KeyinMedia Co., Ltd., Chief Editor of Printing Technology etc.

YUTO Tech have excellent R&D talents in the industry and strong support of the industry chain, cumulative gained more than 100 independent intellectual property rights and industry-leading technology. Dr. Yu Zhaohui said that in the future, through the cooperation of industry, universities and research institutes, the transformation and landing of scientific research achievements will be speeded up so as to truly bring innovative products and experiences to consumers for consumers, which is also an important direction for YUTO's digital capabilities.

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