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Strong combination: YUTO Tech's Yunchuang Boxcool settled in Alibaba 1688 super shop


October 20, Alibaba announced the launch of 1688 Super Store - a professional-grade industrial / raw materials cargo organizing platform. Yunchuang Boxcool researched and developed by YUTO Tech's Yunchuang Tech become one of the first batch of 12 settled brands, also the only settled enterprise in the printing and packaging industry. In the day of the conference, Wang Shaoping, the a general manager of Yunchuang Tech made a speech, he said Alibaba’s strategy of "new manufacturing" and "new retail" is very fit Yunchuang Boxcool’s business philosophy. Yunchuang Boxcool will together with 1688, to create a new packaging ecological chain.

The 1688 Super Store is located in providing the digital infrastructure and services for the procurement of enterprise industrial products of product packaging customization, electronic components, factory’s supplementary materials and consumables (MRO). At present, there are 12 brands settled in Super Shop, including Yunchuang Boxcool, Grainger, ZKH,, Future Electronics, Seng He Tang and so on.

Traditional industrial procurement has always been a wide range of categories, unplanned, complex specifications, inconsistent standards and other characteristics, which also caused the information asymmetry in supply chain upstream and downstream, and ultimately lead to higher sourcing costs and procurement management costs. Super Shop 1688, intended to solve the problem of industrial procurement. One-stop procurement of industrial products means that enhancing procurement efficiency and reducing the overall procurement costs for enterprises. Different from the industrial brand website which Alibaba has already launched, Super Shop is more prominent cargo organizing capacity and services of enterprises, or the overall solutions in some vertical areas. Wang Hai, Vice President of Alibaba Group, co-general manager of China Domestic Trade Business Trade Ministry (CBU) revealed that current online transactions on 1688 has more than 1 billion every day, the next three years it will reach the scale of one trillion.


Yunchuang Tech is the only enterprise that settled in the 1688 Super Shop in printing and packaging industry. General Manager Wang Shaoping said at the press conference: "China's printing and packaging industry is a trillion market, is one of the major domestic manufacturing industries. With the new Internet time is coming, the digital printing technology is more and more advanced, the emerging brands and changes of user needs, the demand of packaging, personalized, customized, environmentally friendly, intelligent will continue to heat up, in the future there may be a variety of packaging of one product, or even completely unique personalized packaging, which is the traditional manufacturing cannot achieved, must be resolved through the Internet technology, software technology innovation to replace the traditional manual services, through flexible manufacturing upgrades to improve the existing supply and demand, through new technology research and development upgrades and improve products. This is new supply chain ecology; we call it the S2b of packaging printing.

Speaking of cooperation with the 1688, Wang Shaoping said: "As the largest B2B comprehensive platform, the 1688 has a huge customer base, a good and stability platform operational capacity, and choose cooperation with 1688 platform, is because we have the same gene, Alibaba’s ‘new manufacturing' and 'new retail' in '5 new strategies’ is very fit to Yunchuang’s business philosophy, we hope to work together with the 1688, through software technology capabilities, supply chain integration capabilities, large data analysis capabilities, capital intervention and other means, to create a new packaging ecological chain, server small and medium-sized enterprise with software technology support, supply chain coverage, supply and demand matching, capital and financial support in a number of latitude.


At the end of the conference, the relevant person in charge of Alibaba Group took a group photo with the heads of 12 enterprises including Yunchuang Boxcool, and looked forward to the goal of jointly building the scale of 1 trillion in the next three years.

About Yunchuang Boxcool

YUTO's Yunchuang Tech a platform designed to provide users with personalized cultural and creative products. It has independent researched and developed DIY software Yunchuang Boxcool which is the first internet-based online editor. Users can choose their own box online and massive design materials, and complete the entire design online. Relying on the large printing industry, Yunchuang Boxcool is committed to promoting the deep integration of mobile internet, cloud computing, large data and IOT and industries related with printing and packaging.

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