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YUTO Tech makes NFC smart packaging for the Dong’e Ejiao


Under the new wave of AI, more and more intelligent technologies and convenient applications enter into our lives. As packaging is an indispensable part of the circulation of goods, what interesting plays their intelligences are?

Recently, YUTO Tech, the leading domestic high-end brand packaging solutions provider, creates a NFC limited edition experience version of the product for Dong’e E-Jiao’s "Zhen Yan" donkey-hide gelatin cake. With the phone closes to "Zhen Yan" packaging box, it senses and automatically access related service web pages. The first launch of the 1000 boxes sold out within a day! Health food + smart packaging bring consumers a new experience, the original food can also be so a sense of science and technology!


The black technology behind it is the use of NFC (near field communication) technology. As one of the hottest topics nowadays, from the mobile bus card to mobile payment, and then to the new retail model of self-service supermarket, have its shadow. With the iOS 11 system released, the NFC support is opened, there will be more mobile phone users can use the convenience of NFC features, no longer limited to Android users.

"Zhen Yan" donkey-hide gelatin cake uses the latest paper packaging with built-in NFC function, through intelligent packaging of the product connected with customer smart phone, as long as the phone with NFC function closes to the product packaging, all kinds of online service pages can be automatically accessed, including anti-fake authenticate, product information provide Blessing message, beautiful share and other related information, the services upgrade, if you want to learn about products, beauty, health and other relevant information, all in the phone at this moment, you can easy to view anytime, anywhere, it is more cool, more convenient than the two-dimensional code. The lucky customers, who snapped the limited experience version of "Zhen Yan" donkey-hide gelatin cake, can experience with Android with NFC functions, the Apple mobile phone users can also experience it at the first time when the iPhone8, iPhone X go on the market and iOS11 releases.


"Zhen Yan" donkey-hide gelatin cake also uses ARKit's enhanced reality technology that Apple's latest release. Through scanning the packaging with the smart phone, Fairy Ejiao is virtually shown singing and dancing and other actions. When putting the box as a different shape, Fairy Ejiao action and the song also changes. Through showing virtually the raw materials of donkey-hide gelatin cake, serving instructions, introduced a variety of health knowledge, attracting more consumers to enjoy the product and increase the interactive fun.

In addition, the packaging uses YUTO’s latest research and development such as FSF fine surface finishing technology, anti-counterfeiting technology and integrates cross-media digital marketing.

As the leading enterprises in China's printing and packaging industry, YUTO Tech has been in the forefront of the industry in the smart packaging research and application, the smart packaging products cooperated with a number of brand customers have go into market, and achieved good response. With R & D team of YUTO Institute has been built with the YUTO wisdom IOT large data platform in the field of intelligent packaging, personalized packaging, which research variable two-dimensional code, RFID / NFC tags, digital watermarking, invisible watermarking, large data technology and AR (Augmented Reality) technology on the packaging application, collect the information of raw materials of the product, production, warehousing, logistics, sales, consumption and other aspects. Through cloud computing, mobile Internet and other technologies, help multiple brand customers to achieve security, traceability, mobile marketing and branding of the products.

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Please contact us when you have a request for interview or report